Pure white quartz stone kitchen for island bench top kitchen solid surface quartz colors

Pure white quartz for island bench topCountertop:108''*25.5,98''*25.5'' or 96''*25.5''Vanity top:36"×36", 42"×42", 24"×36",26"×36", 22"×34",25×19"/22'',31×19"/22",37"×19"/22", 49"×19"/22", 61"×19"/

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Pure white quartz for island bench top


108''*25.5,98''*25.5'' or 96''*25.5''

Vanity top:

36"×36", 42"×42", 24"×36",26"×36", 22"×34",25×19"/22'',31×19"/22",37"×19"/22",    49"×19"/22", 61"×19"/22"


72''*36 /  72''*39,36"x78"&39"x78" or free length*42''


3/4" or 1 1/4"



1. You'd better keep the Acrylic Surface dry.

2. Keep the Acrylic Surface away from strong chemicals, like paint cleaning agent, metal cleaning agent, strong acid cleaning agent, etc

3. Do not cut food on the surface directly and put overweight thing on the countertop.

4. Use the suds or the cleanser contained ammonia to clean scale.

5. To repair scratches, use 400-600# sanding paper to polish, then use cleanser and fabric to clean it to matte. Use 800-1200# sand paper and wax to polishing the surface to be high gloss.

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