Agglomerated Quartz Stone Slab jumbo size quartz slab various colors

Agglomerated Quartz Stone SlabStandard Size3000*1200mm, 3000*1400mm, 3000*1500mm, max 3200*1600mmTiles sizeCommon 300*300mm, 600*600mm ,800*800mm ,300*600mm, other size can cut alsoThickness12mm, 15mm

Product Details

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Agglomerated Quartz Stone Slab

Standard Size

3000*1200mm, 3000*1400mm, 3000*1500mm, max 3200*1600mm

Tiles size

Common 300*300mm, 600*600mm ,800*800mm ,300*600mm, other size can cut also


12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm

Main material

93% Quartz powder and 7% resin pigment

Various Colors

about 40 colors, Colors and sizes from clients are welcome!

Water Absorption


Flexural Strength


Abrasion Resistance


Surface Hardness

7 Mohs


200 square meter (per color).


High polished 3000 grit

Net weight

20mm thickness 48Kg/ Square meter.


L wood pallets .

Delivery time

15 - 20 working day for one 20ft container

Quartz Stone Tech Data:

Water Absorption: 0.20% 

Flexural Strength: 16.0Mpa 

Abrasion Resistance: 90Mpa 

Surface Hardness: 7 Mohs

Quartz Stone Advantages:

1. Non-porous surface: ensure its high scratch resistance and resistance to stains, heat, corrosion, bacteria 

2. Super hardness: Moh's hardness can reach 7 

3. Low water absorption, amost zero

4. Satety, no radiation, durability

5. Easy maintenance.