Engineered quartz stone tiles different selection on low prices from china

Engineered quartz stone Specification:ITEM #: LYX-M999Standard Size: 3000*1200/1400/1500mm, 3200*1600mmThickness: 12-30mmVarious Colors: About 50 colors, Colors and sizes from clients are welcome!Tech

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Engineered quartz stone 


ITEM #: LYX-M999

Standard Size: 3000*1200/1400/1500mm, 3200*1600mm

Thickness: 12-30mm

Various Colors: About 50 colors, Colors and sizes from clients are welcome!

Tech data:

Water Absorption: 0.20%

Flexural Strength: 16.0Mpa

Abrasion Resistance: 90Mpa

Surface Hardness: 7 Mohs


1. It is hard enough and compact structure, and Mohs hardness is 7. So it is resistant to scratch, wear, shock, rupture and compression.

2. It will withstand high temperature to heat without burning or scorching. And the fire of a lit match will not mar the quartz


Widely be used for kitchen, bathroom, dining table, wall cladding, tiles etc.

1. Home application: Countertop, vanity top, wall, table tiles etc.

2. Commercial application: Reception counter, windowsill, work counter for the fast food, table for the bar, floor, steps etc.



MOQ: 200sqm artificial quartz (per color).

Payment terms: T/T, 30% deposit in advance before production, 70% balance before shipped.

Free sample: 100*100mm free samples available for quality reference.


Standard export packing: PET covered slabs surface + L wood pallets.



Standard Big Slab Size

3000*1200mm (118.1' ' x47.2' ' )   and  3000*1400mm (118.1' 'x55.1' ')
     3000*1500mm  (118.1' ' x59' ' )   and   3200*1600mm(118.1' ' x62.9' ' )

Flooring Tile Size

300*300mm (11.8' ' x11.8' ' )   and   600*600mm (23.6' ' x23.6' ' ),
     800*800mm (31.4' ' x31.4' ' )  and  300*600mm (11.8' ' x23.6' ' )


1/2' ' , 3/4' ' (12 to 30mm). common is 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm

Test Items

Test Methods

Test Result

Absorption by weight (%)

ASTM C97-09




Abrasion Resistance(sawn)

ASTM C241-09


Flexural strength (MPA)

ASTM C880-09

Dry Condition: 46.5
     Wet Condition: 49.7

Modulus of rapture(MPA)

Refer to ASTM C99-09

Dry Condition: 62.0
     Wet Condition: 62.1

Compressive strength(MPA)

ASTM C170-09

Dry Condition: 222.3
     Wet Condition: 205.4