Beige Galaxy Quartz Stone yellow quartz color sparkling size

Item #: LYX-NQ53Features:1. More than 93% crushed quartz stone2. High and low temperature resistant3. High hardness4. Can make into counter-top5. Artificial stone without any radiationArtificial quart

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quartz slab


countertop, floor tile and so on

Item #: LYX-NQ53


1. More than 93% crushed quartz stone

2. High and low temperature resistant

3. High hardness

4. Can make into counter-top

5. Artificial stone without any radiation

Artificial quartz stone

1. Composition: Quartz sand, Quartz powder, mirror, glass, resin, pigment. And other material

2. Manufacture process:

(1) Feeding & mixing

(2) Molding

(3) Pressing under a very high pressure and vacuum condition

(4) Curing at a high temperature, say 90 to 100 centigrade

(5)Calibrating for surface & backside

(6) Polishing

(7) Inspecting

(8) Cutting and Packing

3. Finished: Polished and Honed

4. Standard size: 3000*1500mm & 2440*760mm and as customer required

5. Thickness: 12mm to 30mm

6. Collection: 50 regular colors and custom design color is welcome as well

7. Capability: 7 Automatic production lines, 60,000 sqms per month

8. Advantage:

(1)Non-porous surface ensures its high scratch resistance and resistance to stains, heat, and corrosion.

(2)Super hardness: Moh's hardness can reach 7

(3)Resistant to high temperature

(4)Safety, no radiation

(5) Free maintenance

9. Usage: Quartz stone is widely used for kitchen tops, countertops, bathroom vanity tops, table tops, bars, floor tile & wall tiles