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Black silestone quartz stone for topsITEM MODEL: LYX-C151.LYX Quartz Stone Materials The production of our super-hard green quartz stone adopts the third generation world advanced technological proces

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Black silestone quartz stone for tops


1.LYX Quartz Stone Materials 

The production of our super-hard green quartz stone adopts the third generation world advanced technological process. It is composed mainly of natural quartz (up to 93%), plus resins, mineral pigments and other additives, by toning and vacuum high pressure the selecting the material to form a extremely tight complexes. Then it becomes a super third generation quartz after a complex technology process such as cutting , curing, air drying, calibrating the thickness and polishing.

What is natural "Quartz"? Quartz is one of the hardest most abudant minerals found in nature.Only

diomond,corundum,topaz are harder.Besides beauty,the quartz havs a extreme strength,making quartz

stone highly scratch-resistant.

2.LYX Quartz Stone Details


1)   93% pure quartz crystal

2)   7% of resins, color pigments and others


1) 1200*3000, 1400*3000, 1600*3200mm (Polished Slab)

2) 300*300, 300*600, 600*600mm (accept customized size)

3) 12/15/18/20/25/30 mm thickness


Brown, Pink, Yellow, Black, Grey, White, Coffee, Green etc.

Also it can as per customs' requirements.


Public buildings (airport, station, shopping mall, hotel, bank, hospital) and house decoration wall or floor, mainly in countertops


1. Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant
2. High hardness and high temperature resistance
3. High acid-base resistance and corrosion resistance
4. No radiation, environmental protection and Healthy
5. High luminance and easy to cleaning

6. No color difference


ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal


Standard export strong wooden crates and foam, film inside packed. The customers' demands also could be accepted.

3.LYX Quartz Stone Advantages

(1).Natural Beauty:Artificial Quartz is made from over 93% quartz.The natural quartz in Artificial Quartz delivers distinctive depth,brilliant clarity,glimmering radiance and a cool ,solid feel unique tp natural stone.

(2).Stain Resistance:Artificial Quartz is no air pore and therefore it is highly resistant to stains from coffee,wine,tea,fruit juice,olive oil,makeup and many other common household products.

(3).Heat Resistance:It will witstand limited exposure to heat without burning or scorching.The fire of a lit match will not mar Artificial Quartz.

(4).Strength: Artificial Quartz has four times the flexural strength of granite,making it less susceptible to clipping and cracking during transporation and installation.

(5).No Color Difference:The color of  Artificial Quartz does not fade and change.With the fullyauto-controlled equipment,the consistent rate of  color standard is high.In our indoor daily life,Artificial Quartz will not fade and loos luster because of oxidation,aging,erosion or touching hot products.

(6).No Radiation:Artifial Quartz has no side effect to directly touch food and body.It is green to environment without any radiation.Artificial Quartz is suitable for kitchen counter top,floor tile ,wall tile and so on.